Yacub Dhai, the son of Amod and Amaboo was born in Umzinto on 28th October 1928.

He married Dr A M Moolla’s eldest daughter Haffeja in 1947 and later on joined the family-owned company Kingsgate Clothing. They had three children, Mahomed (known as the late Bhai Dhai), Ebrahim and Khatija.

He started out in the Creditors section of the Accounts Department and gradually, climbed up the ranks to become Head of the Manufacturing division at the Reunion Factory and a Director of the Company.

Yacub was known to be a very big-hearted person. He was also very much involved in football and was an official of the Durban Football Association for many years.

He was the first son-in-law of Dr Moolla to pass away at a relatively young age of 52, on 21st October 1980 to be precise, and that too barely a few months after Dr Moolla himself had passed away,