The late Executive Chairman of Kingsgate (formerly AMMGROUP), Dr Ahmed-Sadek Vahed paid tribute to former State President, Nelson Mandela (now late) in the Group’s Annual Report of 1999 as follows:-

“It is with admiration and respect that I pay a tribute and express gratitude to Mr Nelson Mandela on his retirement from the Presidency and from formal political life. I do this to him in his capacity as ex-President and as arguably the most revered of all the world’s citizens, and I do it without any political connotations, since I would not presume to express a political opinion on behalf of the entire AMMGROUP community.

We are faced by many problems in South Africa but they are not insurmountable and they pale into insignificance against the likely scenario had Mr Mandela not been with us with his foresight, empathy and humility.

One only needs to look at Kosovo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola to get an inkling of what we might have faced in our “Beloved Country” without Mr Mandela’s wisdom and drive. Madiba, we wish you well in your retirement and may you enjoy many years of peace and tranquility.

Dr Ahmed-Sadek Vahed"

Message from KCG upon Madiba’s death on 5 December 2013

The directors, management and staff of Kingsgate Clothing Group, as well as their families wish to extend our deepest condolences to Madiba’s family and friends.

No doubt the last few days have been characterized by much sadness and emotion with people from all over the globe mourning Madiba’s death and celebrating the principles that he stood for and the legacy he left behind. We are fortunate to have witnessed in these modern times a man of his caliber and stature whose legacy is an attestation and affirmation of greatness.

Madiba showed class, humanity and determination and was no ordinary man and we are all proud to have witnessed these traits and service to all South Africans. We bid you farewell Tata Madiba.