Social Responsibility

The ethos of the late Dr A M Moolla (the founder of the Kingsgate Clothing Group) continues to inspire the Group's social responsibility programme. Dr Moolla did sterling work throughout his life to address the plight of the underprivileged. He was particularly concerned with education, which he saw as the key to socio-economic upliftment. He founded the A. M. Moolla Charity Trust (AMMCT) very early in his life, in November 1959 to be exact, to give practical impetus to his vision and ensure that his legacy is perpetuated.

After Dr Moolla's demise in April 1980, the Trust appointed Dr Ismail Kathrada , an Executive Director of the Group, as Administrator. Sadly, after 28 years of the able administration, wisdom and guidance of Dr Ismail Kathrada, this magnanimous personality passed away in June 2007. In keeping with the noble tradition set by the late Dr Moolla, AMMCT continues with its responsibility towards deserving welfare, educational and social causes, with utmost dedication and commitment. AMMCT recognizes the importance of education and the need for new skills, made more urgent by globalisation. It prioritises programmes aimed at multi-skilling South Africans, while continuing to focus on issues around health and poverty relief.

Rapidly escalating living costs, increasing unemployment, and decreasing government expenditure on social welfare projects, has placed greater demands on the business sector and on charitable trusts. AMMCT is inundated constantly with appeals from many quarters for financial assistance. In spite of varying economic conditions, the Trust has not shirked its social responsibility commitments and continues to serve the community, dutifully.

The Trust also rejects the argument that it is the responsibility of government to deal with poverty and upliftment. We believe that we have an obligation to try to meet some of the demands and expectations of our customers, local communities, government, and civil society, and to invest in community resources on which we ultimately depend. AMMCT therefore supports deserving causes to the best of its ability.

 AMMCT's funding, provided by Kingsgate Clothing Group, has been passed on to beneficiaries such as the:

A. M. Moolla Spes Nova School For The Cerebral Palsied

The Chatsworth Community Clinic

The Orient Educational Institute

The Natal Blind And Deaf Society

The Highway Hospice Association

The Ubuntu Community Chest

The Durban Institute Of Technology


The Orphanage For The Destitute At La Mercy

The Centenary Scholarship Trust

Juma Musjid

The Ohlanga Institute, and

The Robert Hlongwa High School
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The AMMCT is more determined than ever to proudly continue to uphold the philanthropic torch of its forefathers by making contributions to social welfare and religious organizations, in order to provide capacity for these organizations to effectively manage their work and continues to make an invaluable contribution to many sectors of society, which Government is unable to undertake.

AMMCT does not simply give money away. It tries to choose the most effective partners for the programmes, and seeks to make them accountable by measuring the real impact of the programme on communities. In this way, it has spread its arms over many social problems more effectively. Having provided an invaluable service for half a century, the company hopes to continue the legacy of Dr Moolla for many more decades to come.